iVisor AG ‘Bubble Free’ Screen Protector For iPad 2

As far as I’m concerned bubbles don’t have a place on my iPad 2 screen. So I’m pretty picky when it comes to placing a screen protector over huge display on my iPad. It seems that no matter what you do you’ll always end up with a bubble or two after applying a screen protector unless you are a professional installer. The Moshi iVisor AG is different. Moshi guarantees a bubble-free installation. It actually works because this screen protector is a lot different from others I’ve encountered before.
The Moshi iVisor AG adheres to the screen differently from other similar products. It only sticks to the edges of the iPad’s screen and that edge is either solid black or solid white to match the appropriate frame on an iPad 2. The adhesive is on the back side of that frame. This makes the iVisor AG a lot easier to install and remove. Once applied it acts like a bubble over the top of the display, but not a distracting one like other protective covers.
Once applied the cover leaves a slightly raised edge around the frame and when you touch the display you can feel the small gap between the film and the screen. Although there is a bit of added finger drag in addition to the gap none of these things made me want to rip the Visor AG from my iPad 2 and run screaming into the hills.
I’ve never really used anti-glare screen covers on any of my iOS based devices. I’ve always worried that I’d lose screen visibility or that the screen would be distorted in some fashion. That wasn’t the case with the iVisor AG. When you look through it you are pretty much seeing what you would expect from an iPad 2 screen although the screen is less reflective there wasn’t much clouding or dimming and only a minor prismatic effect.
The iVisor AG simply works and it doesn’t feel bad while interacting with the iPad 2. My fingers glided over its surface with no noticeable hitches. I suggest that you use it with a loose-fitting case due to the slightly raised edges since a tight case may not be a good fit. Although the iVisor AG is a bit expensive at $30 I don’t think you’ll find a better and reusable screen protector for your iPad 2.
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