iSwifter Now Supports Google+ Flash Games

baby flash games 41 iSwifter Now Supports Google+ Flash Games

Despite the money and effort being put into Google+, there’s no guarantee that its user numbers will ever rival those of competitor Facebook’s. Part of that effort is providing its members with diversions equal to those of FB, which means Flash games. On this front, Google received a big show of support today from iPad developer iSwifter, who have announced support for Google+ Flash games.

For those unfamiliar with iSwifter, the app developer is currently the only way iPad users can enjoy Flash-based Facebook games on their favorite iDevice. This is accomplished by letting iSwifter‘s servers execute all the Flash mechanics and streaming the results to the user’s iPad, in much the same way that OnLive works to bring higher-end gaming to low-end computers.

This is good news for both Facebook and Google, as competition will help make both platforms’ offerings more robust. However, with more and more developers learning the ins and outs of HTML5, will Flash games eventually die out in favor of the new standard? It is, of course, far too early to tell, but we know that Apple is 100% behind HTML5. Arguably, apps like iSwifter diffuse that forward progress by supporting the older Flash environment. How long a lifespan can we expect from Flash, Google+ games update the way they play once HTML5 hits big?

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