iPhone app went MIA. What happened to iFitness?

iFitness, the app that dominated the Health category in the Apple App Store is no more. Yes, you heard it right – the #1 selling app since time immemorial for cardio & muscular training as well as all manners of gym work has been permanently pulled from the App Store. By Apple.
The following is an account of an iFitness user, as reported on an internet forum, pertaining to the reasons behind the demise of iFitness:
I found and email address on a developers site for someone at Apple involved with Apps. It turned out to be Philip Schiller, Apple’s senior vice president of Worldwide Product Marketing (he reports directly to Steve Jobs).
To my surprise, he ended up replying to my inquiry about iFitness a couple of hours later with a short message:
“It appears that the developer faked thousands of accounts, downloads, and reviews about the app” and this is why it was removed from the app store.
They inflated their reviews and rating so that when anyone search “fitness” iFitness was the first listing. This led to the app being reviewed and recommended EVERYWHERE.. Men’s Health, Outside Magazine, tons of online health sites, local newspapers, which in turn led to more downloads and $ in the developers pockets.
The good news is, as mentioned on the official iFitness website, it would take on the incarnation of Full Fitness, another $0.99 app with almost similar interface, graphics and workouts as its predecessor.
The following excerpts quoted from the developer of iFitness:
To help those that want to see the app continue to improve, we have sold all our rights and property to another development team that approached us. Their app, Full Fitness, is currently in stores, and looks great. They have promised to us that they will initially keep the price as low as possible to give a break to our loyal customers. They have also promised to continue our tradition of providing regular free updates based on suggestions given to them at [email protected] Based on their production speed, I am told that new iPad and MacOS apps should be hitting stores shortly as well.

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