iPads surfing the web outnumber Linux machines

Pingdom has pointed out some interesting stats culled from browser data. It appears that there are now more iPads surfing the web than Linux-based machines.
The chart above features stats from Statcounter and are based on visitor statistics averaged from over 3 million websites. As you can see the top operating systems in the US for the first 19 days of April are Windows with 82 percent of the market, Mac OS X with 14.9 percent of the market, then iOS with 1.18 percent of the market, followed by Linux with 0.71 percent of the market.
What’s interesting about these stats is that the iOS market share only includes iPads according to Statcounter. iPhones, iPod touches, and other smartphones were left out. It was only just last year that all iOS-based devices claimed 1.13 percent of all browsing platforms compared to just 0.85% for Linux. Now just one iOS device has achieved the same thing.

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