IDC claims iPhone marketshare has grown 115%

The International Data Corporation reports that Apple has been taking over the smartphone market in the past few years, with its market share growing by almost 115% over the past year. Apple’s still not on top of the list (as there are much more established manufacturers on there, and as we’ve heard, Apple has some competitors for market share as well), but the company’s growth is phenomenal, and has earned it a number four spot on the top five list worldwide, with 5% of the global market.
Even more phenomenal, of course, is the fact that Apple has basically done this with one phone, rather than competitors’ multiple lines and flavors of smartphones and operating systems. When the company first started selling smartphones, it said that the goal was to get at least 1% of the global market, so not only has it beaten that goal five times over, but of course it’s earned record revenues to match as well.

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