iCushion Stand for iPhone

Is there anything better than keeping an iPhone 4 with its flush, shiny glass back on the flat surface of a desk that also hosts a variety of other Apple products? For some, it’s keeping the iPhone into a desktop stand like the Xtand. Others prefer the simplicity of a standard Apple dock. Last, some people keep their iPhones protected with a bumper, which also ensures the device won’t slide and fall off a flat surface like your office’s desk or coffee table. For these people, and for all those who hate how cables inevitably create a giant tangled mess on your desk, the iCushion for iPhone could be a great alternative to the usual DIY stand or protective case: designed by Fadtronics, the iCushion is a seat for the iPhone that a) also keeps the cables in place neatly organized and b) has a suction cup to prevent the device from slipping away. Plus, it’s cute.
The iCushion stand is likely just a design experiment, and we’re not sure the thing will ever be available for purchase. But it should. Check out more photos here.

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