How to track your data usage

Have you ever wanted to know how to track how much data your iPhone or iPad are using? Well I was wondering the same thing. There are a few different ways in which you can track how much data your iPhone or iPad has used. Especially not that there have been accusations AT&T have been fudging data numbers, finding out how much you actually use is very pertinent. So stay with us after the break to find out how to do this.
Most people will only use a about 100 to 200 mb per month. So as long as you are not downloading videos or streaming a lot you should be find with how much data you use. I have at times been out and watch a few youtube videos and found myself getting into hot water with how much data I use.
1) Go to settings
2) Tap General
4) Tap Usage
5) Look at Cellular Network Data, sent and received
6) Reset Statistics
Now you can reset the statistics so you can track your usage. It will also tell you the last day that you reset.

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