How to Set Individual Camera Import Settings

I have three digital cameras that I use for different purposes. However, every time I plug those cameras into my Mac, iPhoto launches. I want to set a different import routine for each camera. Is this possible?
In Mac OS 10.6, the remarkable yet underrated Image Capture application gives you significant control over what happens when you connect different cameras. Launch Image Capture, plug in one of your cameras, select it in the left margin, then look in the lower-left corner for a pop-up menu that lets you choose which application (if any) should launch for that particular camera.
When we connect our Canon PowerShot SD630 to our Mac, all of its photos are automatically imported into a new folder on our Desktop, then deleted from our camera.
Your options are virtually unlimited, but here are a few cool ideas: You could have your camera launch Image Capture itself, which lets you manually download your photos into the directories of your choice. You could share your camera’s contents over a local area network so other users can import your photos using their own copy of Image Capture. You could have your camera trigger any AppleScript or Automator action.
Image Capture lets you choose which application will open when you connect any camera—even your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch.
Perhaps best of all, your iPhone could launch AutoImporter, a hidden application that automatically imports photos to the directory of your choice without you intervening at all. Located at Macintosh HD/System/Library/Image Capture/Support/Application/AutoImporter, you can set this application’s preferences by choosing AutoImporter > Preferences.
If you’re still using Mac OS 10.5, you can get all of this same functionality with Cameras (free,

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