How To Get the Most Out of Game Center

Apple’s Game Center has been out for a while now. Cupertino is trying to attract developers to support it, both to network their titles for multiplayer action and to offer a fairly universal leaderboard system and list of achievements.

And it works pretty well.

For those of you that have been wondering what to do with the Game Center app that appeared on your iPhone or iPod touch when iOS 4.1 was released (and your iPad when iOS 4.2.1 hit the scene), here we go…

1. Up and Running

First off, open Game Center and choose to set up an account. From here, you’ll head through the usual setup of providing profile information, choosing a username and password in the process.



2. Almost There…

Once your account is set up, agree to Apple’s terms and you’re set. At this point you can launch into any iOS game with Game Center support (which is clearly marked when shopping for titles in the App Store), and Game Center will begin tracking your progress.



3. Rock Out with Your Achievements

As you play, Game Center will begin sending your high scores, achievements, and unlocked items and weapons (whatever it supports) back to Apple for on-the-fly updating. In the Game Center screen of your games, or back in the Game Center app, you can now check the online scoreboards and achievement lists to see where you stand compared to your friends, who’ll also need to set up Game Center accounts. Then you can add them in the Game Center app, by tapping the Friends tab, the Add Friends button, and sending friend requests to your pals by email address or username.


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