How to get photos from your computer onto your iPhone and iPad with iTunes

Both the iPhone and iPad do phenomenal a job of displaying the photos you take with them, but how do you get your existing photos, the ones on your computer, onto your iPhone and iPad? iTunes is the answer, and we’ll show you how, after the break!

Syncing with iPhoto on Mac

Using iPhoto is my favorite choice for transferring photos from Mac to iPad because it offers the most options. You have the ability to sync all albums, events (dates), and faces (people based on facial recognition), or individually choose which combination of albums, events, and faces that you want to sync.
  1. Organize your photos in iPhoto
  2. Plug in your iPad or iPhone into your Mac via the USB to dock cable.
  3. Open iTunes (if it doesn’t open automatically)
  4. Click on the Photos tab
  5. Check the box to “Sync Photos From”
  6. Choose iPhoto from the drop down menu
  7. Select which options you prefer
  8. Click sync

Syncing with folders on Mac or Windows

If using you’re using Windows, or if you’re using a Mac but you prefer not to use iPhoto, you can sync iTunes with a folder on your computer. If you want multiple albums on your iPad, I recommend placing the individual folders into a larger folder. In this folder, you can have more subfolders than you desire to sync with your iPhone and iPad because you can individually select which subfolders you want in iTunes.
  1. Organize your photos in iPhoto or folders
  2. Plug in your iPad and open iTunes
  3. Click the Photos tab
  4. Check the box to “Sync Photos From”
  5. Select “Choose folder…” from the drop down menu
  6. Browse to the desired folder
  7. Select which options you prefer
  8. Click sync
Depending on how many photos you’re syncing, both methods have the potential to take some time.
There you have it! Now you can carry around those thousands of photos you have stored on your computer and show them off on your iPhone or iPad’s beautiful display.
If you have any other tips for transferring photos to your iPhone or iPad or have any questions, let us know in the comments below!

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