How to Americanize an iPad

I bought an iPad while I was on vacation in Australia, but now I’m back in the States. However, my iPad’s autocorrect feature insists that I spell words with U.K. English instead of U.S. English. For example, “organise” and “colour” instead of “organize” and “color.” Do I have to buy a new iPad in America to get the U.S. spellchecker? 
No, you certainly don’t have to buy a new iPad every time you relocate to a different country! The iPad’s built-in dictionary is linked to the current keyboard that you’re using. To change the keyboard, go to Settings > General > International > Keyboards, where you’ll see “English (UK)” listed. Choose Add New Keyboard to add the English keyboard, which is the one you’re looking for. However, the iPad will default to whichever keyboard is on the top of the list. Tap Edit to reorder the keyboards or delete the one you don’t want to use.
English (UK) is our default keyboard and default spellchecker because it’s at the top of the list.
If you want to keep both keyboards active because you plan on bouncing back and forth between two countries, you can very easily switch between multiple keyboards. Simply touch the globe icon in the lower-left corner of the onscreen keyboard, and the name of your currently selected keyboard will momentarily appear on the Space bar.
Touch the globe icon to quickly switch between multiple keyboards that you’ve enabled.

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