How many Macs did Apple sell last quarter?

None of the 43 analysts we polled — professional or amateur — think Apple sold more than 4 million Macs in the quarter that ended two weeks ago. But as a group they expect unit sales grew even faster — nearly 24% year over year. The high estimate of 3.865 million — submitted by both Traderhood’s Nicolae Mihalache and Apple’s Gold’s Dennis Hildebrand — represents more than 31% growth year over year.
For Apple’s first quarter fiscal results for the new year, Apple reported 4.13 million Macs sold following a strong demand for the MacBook Air. While we have seen updates in the MacBook Pro which include Sandy Bridge and Thunderbolt, analysts are predicting that Macs will see a decreased demand this quarter, which is in line with the sales trends from 2006. Analysts are also predicting that Apple will sell 19 million iPhones for the second quarter according to Fortune.

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