How do you group your Folders?

TiPb asks: How do you group your Folders?
iOS 4 finally gave us Folders in which to group our apps, but do you use them and if so, how do you use them? Do you have only the default Utilities Folder or have you made Folders for virtually all your app categories and sub categories? Do you keep Folders all on one home screen page or are they spread out across every page? If you have both, do you organize things differently on your iPhone than you do your iPad? Do you put any Folders in your dock, and if so, which apps get that exulted position?
If you joined us for iPad Live! last night (of course you did, right?) you heard that I used to be very organized with my Folders but after being bitten by the exploding folders bug once too often, I gave up and now there are random folders — some with only 1 app in them! — strewn across my iPhone home screens. (I don’t use Folders on my iPad, haven’t even thought about it really.) I’m trying out the FolderEnhancer Jailbreak tweak and maybe that will motivate me to clean up. (But I’m not going to lie, until Apple offers an easy way to save home screen layouts, it’s still going to be hit and miss with me.)
So, let me know — how do you group your Folders?

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