Hitachi’s New USB HDDs Let You Access Their Contents From The Cloud

Between services like Dropbox and Amazon’s new Cloud Locker, not to mention Apple’s presumed imminent entry into the market, cloud storage is pretty hot right now, and it’s all done in software. That inevitably means that cloud storage will start creeping out to markets oversaturated with competitors boasting pretty much identical hardware… markets like USB hard drives.
As far as I know, Hitachi’s new Touro Pro line of USB hard drives now come with up to 3GB of free online cloud storage, which is upgradeable to 250GB for $49.99 per year.
That’s actually a pretty fantastic deal, considering 100GB of Dropbox storage costs $19.99 per month. On the other hand, while Hitachi is delivering native applications to allow users to access the data they’re storing in the cloud on their iPads and iPhones, but given that Dropbox is the de facto iOS standard for cloud storage, Dropbox will still have the advantage of cross-app compatibility.
Otherwise, Hitachi’s line-up of Touro Pro hard drives are pretty standard 7200 RPM drives. The desktop models come with storage capacities between 1TB and 3TB, and are priced between $130 and $230. The Mobile Pro drives, on the other hand, come in 500GB and 750GB capacities, and are priced at $110 and $130 respectively.

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