History 3D brings the Civil War to life

Just in time for the anniversary of the Civil War, History 3D for iPad brings the past to life. If you have a pair of anaglyph 3D glasses (the red and blue kind) handy, it gets even better.
There are two dozen pictures to view in black and white and anaglyph 3D. The 3D images were taken using cameras with two or four lenses for a stereoscopic effect. These 3D photos amazed me, and I consider US$.99 for the app well worth it for this bit of history.
The interface is great; it’s basically a storybook you can page through. Flip through the photos, and tap to bring up the story behind the photos. The 3D images created in the making of this app are being donated copyright-free to the Library of Congress.
You have to find your own 3D glasses at this point, but there will be links to stores which carry them on the support website soon. I definitely recommend commemorating this period in our history with a fresh look at the actual events of the Civil War. Check out a YouTube trailer, and pop over to the App Store to get your copy of History 3D.

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