Hex watch bands for iPod nano on pre-order now

Now that’s a good looking nano watch. We’ve covered a few iPod nano watch bands before, but to me, they’ve always seemed kind of cheap and hinky, more hacks than things that you’d actually wear out and about. But I really like this new band from Hex Vision — it’s a stainless steel band with a solid clasp that hooks right up to your iPod nano with what the company calls a “Clip-in, clip-out system.” It’s a little pricey at $69.95, but considering what you’d pay for a watch that looked like this and did everything the iPod nano does, that’s not too bad.
The one thing that keeps me from pre-ordering one, though, is that we’re set to see another revision of the nano pretty soon, and the rumors all say that it might lose the clip or gain a camera, depending on what you believe. That rumor aside, however, this seems like an excellent watch band that could be just what you’re waiting for. If we do see a new nano soon, hopefully Hex will make the appropriate changes, and then I’ll finally be able to Dick Tracy it up!

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