GIVEAWAY : SongCatcher – Created for you, songwriters!


Mr. John Vella unveiled a new version of its SongCatcher app – first fully functional recording studio environment on the iPhone platform designed around capturing creativity at the moment of inspiration.

There is no doubt SongCatcher is made to cover functionality of comprehensive midi devices and features both Audio and MIDI recording, making it the “ultimate solution” for the songwriters who are looking for a sketchpad.

You can choose between two modes, Project Mode is specifically designed for professional musicians, and Simple Mode is  for enthusiastic amateurs. Project mode offers the full functionality of SongCatcher in intuitive interface that allows controls can be easily accessibled and functional. On the other hand, Simple mode is tailored to the inexperienced music interface user without any complication.

There are 10 layers of recording, 5 of them are  for audio and the remaining are for MIDI. What makes this app even better is the resizable Piano Keyboard that allows you to  play instruments including Piano, Electric Piano, Drums, Bass, Guitar, Distorted Guitar, Synth, Organ, Strings and Horns. You also get MIDI editor, mixing functionality, tempo track, ability to convert audio to MIDI, and export MIDIs.

Once your song is ready, you can export mixes in various formats to email. You can also lay down ideas quickly and email them to the home studio. SongCatcher also give you the ability to transfer your MIDI work from SongCatcher to your studios.


The aim of SongCatcher is to provide the ultimate solution to musicians and songwriters everywhere for their crucial need to document musical ideas and we think that John Vella has done it very successfully. With the price of $4.99 (or equivalent amount in other currencies) SongCatcher will catch your attention and definitely will bring you the most functional and necessary tools for creating song in the fastest and easiest way.


The Giveaway

We have 3 copies of SongCatcher sponsored by the Mr. John Vella and we are giving away all these copies to our readers! What you have to do is pretty simple…

1) Leave a comment telling us how you feel towards SongCatcher by 11:59PM GMT+8 31st May 2011

2) Winner will be contacted via email and promo code will be given to you in the email.

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