Game Time: Abundant Birds

Look, we get it. Angry Birds is an unfathomable success. They’ve transcended cult-hit status and landed at culture defining app of the decade. Even though some people don’t like them. But nowadays you can’t even open the App Store without seeing a clusterfunk of feathers. Chances are you’ve never even heard of these birds, even though they currently nest in the Top 150 Apps. Today we hatch awareness of the other birds in the App Store.

#123. Racing Penguin, Flying Free

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Racing Penguin, Flying Free (actual name) is an obvious rip-off of the other uber-popular bird app, Tiny Wings. It’s minimally designed with only a few buttons scattered throughout the game. It also uses the felt-tip font, but hey, it’s not all bad. Unlike Tiny Wings, RPFF brings levels to the mix which you can get three stars on (like Angry Birds). Instead of being chased by sundown, the cartoon penguin is chased by a polar bear. Oh, and you can race through the Sahara and on a rainbow.

A polar bear in the Sahara? Are we talking about LOST?

Popular because: Other successful birds.

#58 Air Penguin


In Air Penguin, you play as an Anime Penguin that apparently can’t fly or swim. But after the sun crashes into the Earth, he must find his family who are scattered across icebergs. Luckily, the plucky penguin has one talent — bouncing from ice block to ice block. To survive, you tilt your device in the direction of the nearest ice block. Imagine Pocket Frogs mixed with a bouncy ball and you probably have a pretty good idea how Air Penguin feels. After RPFF, we were happy to find a game that was entirely its own in both premise and gameplay.

Popular because: It’s well-polished, fun, and has plenty of modes. And there are birds in it.

#35 Line Birds

Robert Szeleney

You know those old infuriating helicopter flash games like this one? Well that’s what Line Birds is, except it has Angry Bird-look alikes. Seriously, even the backdrop is simple and looks like the helicopter game. The only thing out of place is the birds, which are (no surprises) featured prominently in the app’s icon. This one’s obvious.

Popular because: The birds look like Angry ones.

So what about you, young bird watchers? Have you played any good bird games?


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