FullScreen for iPhone & iPad

There is no doubt in my mind that navigating the internet is enjoyable when using the iPhone or iPad. Though, mobile Safari is missing a feature that makes browsing the internet 32.6% better – full screen mode. Thanks to FullScreen for iPhone & iPad it is now possible to enjoy that missing feature.

FullScreen is a simple tweak available in Cydia, and it’s incredibly easy to use! All you have to do is open mobile Safari, tap twice on the screen and your nav-bar will smoothly disappear. Once the nav-bar is clear you have clear skies all the way around the World Wide Web.  FullScreen for iPhone/iPad also adds a few other cool features to browsing the web in mobile Safari like custom gestures that you can assign to do different things while in the browser.

FullScreen is one of my favorite applications on my iPhone and iPad.  The only downfalls to FullScreen are the fact that its in-browser menu is kind of ugly and the fact that you have to purchase it twice if you have an iPhone and iPad because the devices require two separate packages. Though, I still recommend this application to any user who has a jailbroken  iDevice.

Check out the video review:

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