Frisbee Forever is better than the real thing

One of my favorite things to do on a sunny day is go to Hype Park and play Frisbee with some friends. However, after playing Frisbee Forever, the officially licensed Frisbee game, playing real life Frisbee doesn’t seem as fun anymore.
Frisbee Forever is a universal game for the iPad and iPhone that allows users to hone their Frisbee skills on more than 100 obstacle courses. Flick the Frisbee to start, then tilt your iDevice to guide it through hoops, past wind turbines, and through tunnels, collecting as many stars as you can along the way. Once you have enough stars and experience you can unlock other levels, including an amusement park, the Old West, and the Caribbean.
You can also unlock bonus levels along the way which offer some more challenging courses, and you can upgrade your Frisbee’s design.The only thing this game is missing is Game Center support. However, since it’s free there’s no reason not to download this game.

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