Free App: Reading Rainbow

Butterflies in the sky, you can go twice as high. Just take a look, it’s on one of those apps on your iPad, it’s Reading Rainbow. Yeah, the song doesn’t work so well with those lyrics, does it? Well, Executive Editor Susie started singing it the other day and we sort of derived a little inspiration from it and decided to scope out a few apps you can read. And don’t worry, this isn’t a column where I regurgitate the three e-book readers available in either of the App Stores. We actually found some pretty cool apps, including one that has every piece of information you could ever want to know about Apple’s computer history, an iOS app for sad, emotional poetry buffs, and the link to an amazing website full of all the creative inspiration you could ever hope for.


Read up on every single Apple Macintosh computer ever made and get the low down on their processor speed, memory, optical drives, graphics cards and which version of Mac OS they were running. This free app also includes information on Apple peripherals, like mice, keyboards, displays and even digital cameras. You’re not a Mac buff unless you’ve got an app for that! Also, you can use MacTracker to digitally archive your own library of Apple stuff.


Hey poetry buffs, don’t hang your head in shame. It’s okay to choose prose before your bros. Poem Flow actually quietly reads poetry to you, line by line, as it’s supposed to be dictated to a crowd of snapping beatnik fingers. “Snap, snap, snap” you’ll hear them do, as you read to them the harrowing tale of Edgar Allen Poe’s “The Raven.” The app also includes the ability share a Poem Flow with other devices and purchase additional poems for extremely cheap.


There is no reading here, only staring — at the gorgeous photography and industrial and design showcased here from blogs around the web. Unlike Flickr, Ffffound (that’s four Fs) is a collection of “found” art from around the web from its own team of bloggers. Whether you’re looking for a bit of inspiration, or just want to post a photo to your blog, this is one of the most random libraries of graphic design available on the web.

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