Dutch company changes its name to get its app back in the App Store

Everyone knows how protective Apple is over its trademarks. Now, one Dutch company has had to change its name just to gets its apps back on Apple’s App Store. As Macworld UK points out, Dutch app maker App Stores BV — the legal name of the company — had all its apps pulled from the App Store at the end of March after Apple alleged that the company’s name infringed on its App Store trademark. App Stores BV makes a popular series of navigation apps for the iPhone called NAVV, which covers almost 40 countries and territories around the world.
In a statement released at the time, App Stores BV said, “App Stores BV’s registration under the laws of The Netherlands does not violate any laws; the interference of the difference between USA law systems results the current situation. In order to avoid possible violations, ‘App Stores BV’ is taking the necessary steps to rectify the situation. Accordingly, all NAVV applications will cease to be sold while these issues are addressed. We expect NAVV applications back on sale shortly and kindly ask for your patience until then.”
The situation has been rectified by the company changing its name. App Stores BV is now known as “Wazado Mobile Applications BV.” As the newly minted Wazado said in a statement today, “Dutch-origin App Stores BV, the developer of NAVV and legal name behind the organization, entered into the process of changing its name in order to prevent possible copyright violations concerning Apple Inc’s ‘App Store’ brand name.”
Of course, making a tiny developer change its name is easy for a company that has the legal resources Apple does. However, Apple may have a harder time fighting “app store” infringements against other tech giants, like Amazon and Microsoft.

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