DuoSense 2.0 : Maximizing your Google Adsense experience on iPhone, iPod and iPad + GIVEAWAY!

Did you know that your iPhone can actually allow you to monitor your Google Adsense earnings?  If you think that is all you iPhone can do, you’re wrong. It can actually access to your regular earnings on PPC, CTR and other means of Adsense earning through the use of DuoSense iPhone Application.

DuoSense is the premium high end Adsense App that you’ve always been looking for. DuoSense is able to track, analyze and optimize your Adsense earnings on the go. DuoSense is a product designed by an interweb marketing site called DuoBlogger.

DuoBlogger is an internet consulting company specialized on Adsense. DuoBlogger was founded in 2008 and their main goal was to share their knowledge they gathered on their projects to help webmasters around the world. Despite coming from their knowledge sharing, they want to help business with online business. They can help not only on Adsense, but SEO, Adwords, communities and much more. If you want to know more about DuoBlogger, you can always visit their site. Now let’s come back to DuoSense.

Features :
DuoSense can give you an excellent overview by their detailed statistics for today, this month and last month. This first thing that you may look into is getting daily reports on your earnings and on another tab, you will gain access to details regarding your earnings in a plotted form for better analysis and trace back.

In additional of the 2 features above, DuoSense also come with a detail graph view for your current month and last month earnings or even since the last payment earnings shown as below:

If you have your Adsense set up for Mobile, Search or even Feeds… DuoSense is able to track your earnings from each of these contents by entering the Statistic Tab.

All these data is presented in a way to help you with Adsense optimization. But if you’re still unfamiliar with Adsense or you need some guide on Adsense, DuoSense included another in app jaw-dropping feature which is the help center with expert proven tips for Adsense! You are guided with various tips on CTR, PPC and mainly Adsense.


Now with your knowing that your iPhone can do all this for you, it would definitely be an advantage if you could get this iPhone app to monitor your Adsense activities anywhere you go. At this time, you will never  have to worry about not getting any updates regarding your Adsense earning. DuoSense is now available in the iTunes App Store for only $4.99 bundled with all these remarkable features. However, if you’re interested with DuoSense, we’ve also included a demo video below for your preview.

If you’re an owner of an iPhone, iPod or iPad and you are also using adsense to monetize your site, we want to hook you up with this wonderful app. All you have to do is to follow the rules below for a chance to win.

– We have 4 copies of DuoSense to giveaway. 3 will be given in this giveaway while 1 more will be given away in our current running FaceBook fans giveaway event.
– To enter the current giveaway, tweet the following message before 11:59PM (GMT +8) 25th April: Win a copy of AdSense App – DuoSense on @iPhoneMY via @hendricius http://goo.gl/hjwA4 
– We will search Twitter.com for tweets and retweets and randomly pick up the winners.
– Make sure to follow @iPhoneMY on Twitter so we can get in touch with you once the giveaway is over.
– If you want to increase your odds of winning, you can also leave a comments to this post. Make sure that you leave some way for me to find your Twitter account or tweet if you comment! If you’re only linking to your FaceBook profile or a website, I won’t be able to find you on Twitter. 
– Winners will be contacted the next day after the giveaway ends.

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