Dude, Where’s My Number Pad?

I wanted to buy one of Apple’s beautiful wireless keyboards for my Mac, but then I realized that Apple doesn’t sell a wireless keyboard with a numeric keypad. Do you know if they’re planning on making one? 

Apple’s decision to only put a keypad on the wired keyboard has baffled us for years, but we sort of doubt they’ll change their mind anytime soon. Luckily, all the other companies that manufacture wireless keyboards for the Mac — including Logitech, MacAlly, Adesso, Kensington, Matias, and Microsoft — offer wireless keyboards with numeric keypads. So once you decide to leave Apple’s keyboard behind, you will have dozens of options at your fingertips.

The Cropmark LMP Bluetooth Keypad is made of plastic, but it is designed to mimic the style of Apple’s wireless keyboard. It also comes with a brace to hook it onto the side of your keyboard.
However, if you’d like to stick with Apple’s wireless keyboard because you enjoy the look and feel of it, we’ve found two companies that have stepped in to fill the void. Cropmark’s LMP Bluetooth Keypad ($40, macsales.com) is a Bluetooth numeric keypad designed to connect to Apple’s wireless keyboard via a plastic brace, and it can stand on its own as well. SMK-Link’s VP6273 Bluetooth Calculator Keypad ($60, smklink.com) doubles as both a keypad and a calculator.

There are also USB numeric keypads available from Targus, Belkin, and Adesso, but our advice here has focused on keeping you entirely wireless.

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