Doodle Over Your Desktop with Deskscribble

Deskscribble in use Example
If you want to mark up, highlight, or simply doodle on your desktop and all of its open windows, Deskscribble for the Mac is a nifty onscreen utility for sketching over interface elements and sharing your drawings to Facebook, CloudApp, or Flickr. While I don’t find Deskscribble as useful with a trackpad or a mouse, those with a Wacom tablet in hand (the simple Bamboo would do) could have available a palette containing a highlighter, marker, and sizing tools to quickly sketch and note items on top of open windows. See a paragraph you want to emphasize? Circle it – highlight it – and upload it using a the quick shortcuts provided in the corner-positioned utility. Deskscribble offers a fullscreen implementation which hides the menubar and Object Dock, can be hidden when not in use, and allows you to doodle in any color you desire thanks to quick color shortcuts and the color wheel. While doodle’s don’t transfer between open spaces and resizing your pen size is tricky (large by default and the sizing tool is small), you can erase mistakes, undo & redo drawings, and upload a screenshot to Mac friendly online services. Deskscribble is fun to use, and lets you easily regain control of your pointer when finished so don’t have to quick the app to browse around. If you’re familiar with Cockpit and related Green and Slimy software, you’ll see how the developer’s stylings translates into new this new creation with futuristic & round design cues, and friendly icon highlights. The sketch anywhere app will set you back a cool $9.99 in the App Store.

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