Donate Just $1 To Pay For The Lifetime CO2 Emissions Of Your iPhone

Got a spare buck? Literally… just one dollar. Want to use your iPhone 4 guilt free? Why don’t you give it toThe Nature Conservancy, and they’ll use it to offset the lifetime CO2 emissions of your iPhone 4? That’s a penny for each pound of carbon!

The donation drive is being headed by Philanthroper, a daily deals site (and friend to Cult of Mac) with a difference: they highlight a single charity every day and encourage people to donate just one dollar to it, with the philosophy that people are more likely to give a buck a day to a bunch of charities than a few hundred a year to one charity.

They do great work, and it couldn’t be easier to send a buck: all you need is a PayPal account. You can even deduct your donation from your taxes!

Seriously, if you’ve got an iPhone 4 and are even half-serious about the environment, this is a dollar well spent. You can’t put a price on the piece of mind that sustainable responsibility can bring.


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