Deluxe Moon HD Review

Your iPad’s screen has seldom looked prettier.
Deluxe Moon HD is an app that looks as gorgeous as the moon itself. It can provide astrologers, gardeners, and — let’s just say it — werewolves with massive amounts of moon-related data. Featuring a built-in compass and moon azimuth, GPS, and daily, location-based times for moonrise and moonset, the application is a one-stop shop for all of your moon-stalking needs.
The application makes it easy to track the moon’s many phases or the tides of a given day. It even goes so far as to provide tips on gardening, business, and interpersonal relationships based upon the moon’s cycle and position in the cosmos.
We’re not sure what “waxing gibbous” is, but it sounds painful.
Unfortunately, not everything is more beautiful by moonlight. While this is one good-looking iOS application, Deluxe Moon HD’s user interface is something of a mess. While we were able to swipe back and forth between the app’s various functions, we never felt like we really had a handle on everything that the app had to offer.
Swiping in and of itself presented some challenges for us as well. Trying to turn on a swipe-enabled element on top of a swipe-enabled interface pane? Not easy. We also noted a number of glaring spelling and grammatical errors throughout the application, which is a little disappointing for an app that’s so data centric.
We wish the app’s developers had been more coutious editors.
The bottom line. Deluxe Moon HD has the potential to become beautiful both in form and function. For the time being however, issues with the application’s confusing interface and poor content editing keep this iPad app from shining.
Lifeware Solutions
iPad running iOS 3.2 or later
If it’s moon-related, it’s in there.
Interface favors beauty over functionality. Some on screen animations appear slow on original iPad. Too many spelling errors for an educational app.

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