Daily Mac App: SketchMee

SketchMee for Mac
There are lots of auto-sketching applications available for iOS — you can see their results littering Twitter every now and again. The Mac, however, has a lot more horsepower to play with, and SketchMee really takes advantage of it.
SketchMee sketches you, or anything else you like, from a photo. Whether it’s in chalk, pencil or a combo of the two, SketchMee will render any image in a pretty great approximation of a sketch. Almost all the sketch parameters can be altered to taste or desired effect. Options include paper size, color, material, margin, opacity, stroke width, intensity, color and detail.
For someone like me, who has the artistic ability of a gnat, having something that can instantly sketch an image is wonderful. I’d like to see an option for skill, so that I could at least attempt to match one of the sketches with my fair hand, but then again, it’d have to be kindergarten level for that.
Whether it’s indulging your long-lost love of landscapes, or creating a quick sketch of the girl next door, the US$7.99 SketchMee will do you proud. Just don’t try and pass it off as your own work.

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