Daily iPhone App: Reckless Getaway

Reckless Getaway is a fun little arcade/physics stunt racer from Polarbit and Pixelbite that’s been climbing the App Store charts recently. The premise is that you’re in a getaway chase from a crime, but rather than just escaping, your goal is to cause as much chaos and collect as high as score as possible. There are coins to guide your route, but the real scoring comes in creating major pileups and really finding solid routes through the game’s 16 different maps.

Things can get crazy, and there’s a little bit of track learning involved (there are quite a few dead ends that you’ll only figure out when you’ve played a certain track more than once), but the game is fun to control and the physics are very entertaining. Each level has a star rating to chase after, and Game Center is included for leaderboards and achievements.

Polarbit promises more content in the future, and even some new game modes to play with as well, so that’ll be exciting to see. But even right now, Reckless Getaway is a fun cops vs. robbers jaunt, available as a universal version for US $2.99 in the App Store right now.

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