Daily iOS App: Hype Machine Radio

Streaming music is really impressive on the iPhone. For example, I’ve been using my Pandora appfor workouts almost exclusively. I’m also a big fan of Hype Machine, a site that takes the best free MP3s from around the Internet’s best music blogs and puts them all together in one place for your listening enjoyment.
And now, you can stream all of that music straight from your iPhone with Hype Machine’s new radio app. You can choose from great music blogs, like Stereogum and Gorilla vs. Bear, or just let the app mix new music for you so that you can discover what’s out there. It’s a great and easy way to hear new music quickly, and while it’s not quite as full-featured as Pandora, Hype Machine Radio is a good way to introduce some new sounds into your listening.
The app is US$2.99, which is higher than I’d expect — I’d almost rather see some ads in the mix just to make the app free to download. But still, $3 is a small price to pay for what’s basically an endless, customizable radio station. If you’re a Hype Machine fan already, or if you just want something new to listen to while on your iPhone, give it a look.

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