Daily App: Starfront Collision

Gameloft has earned a reputation for, ahem, “borrowing” some game ideas for the App Store. A lot of the company’s (very popular) games are more or less copies of popular titles on other platforms. One of Gameloft’s latest games, Starfront Collision, is no different; it’s basically a clone of StarCraft.
But here’s the thing: Who cares? Blizzard hasn’t actually put out a version of StarCraft for iOS, and to be honest, the RTS options are pretty limited. So if Gameloft wants to “borrow” the genre and even some of its various factions and units, that doesn’t bother us one bit.
Unfortunately, it doesn’t quite have the polish of StarCraft (what does?), but it’s a working RTS, built from the ground up for the iPhone. While it would be nice to see some official Blizzard games on iOS, we don’t have those yet. In the meantime, fans of the genre and Blizzard’s classic can check out Starfront Collision, either as a free version with in-app purchases for content, or by buying the app at US$2.99.

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