Daily App: Circus Pain

Circus Pain is a physics puzzler in the vein of Angry Birds and Ragdoll Blaster. The goal across each of the game’s 55 levels is to toss a little circus performer into an on-screen basket while trying to hit as many obstacles as possible along the way. It’s a pretty standard affair for the touchscreen at this point, but the excellent premise and art style of Circus Pain make it stand out from other App Store titles. The game is sometimes tough, but still very interesting, and you can move at your own pace as you navigate through the game’s four worlds.
Plus, at a price of just 99 cents for a universal version, it’s tough to turn this one down. If you’re not willing to invest the buck right away, there’s a lite version to try as well. But if you like tossing ragdolls around for a little bit of physics-based gameplay, Circus Pain is an enjoyable romp.

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