Clik Clok iPad 2 accessory: Be like Flava Flav

To wear what we feel comfortable calling the “Worst. Accessory. Ever,” you need three things. First, more money than sense. Second, a desire to resemble a high-tech version of Flava Flav. And third, a firm belief that the magnets along one side of your iPad 2 are strong enough to hold on to this Clik Clok chain no matter how hard you rap.
“Tired of having to carry your iPad in a bag?” wonders designer Pensa. “Or worse yet…in your hand? Looking for a convenient way to have your iPad with you at all times whether you are at work, out with friends, or working out? Have you ever looked down at your stylish giant clock necklace and wondered, ‘HEY! Why can’t this thing browse the internet, play music, and let me video chat with my friends?’ “
If you recognize yourself in this description or in the picture (nice hat!), then you need Pensa’s gold, red or silver chain necklace that attaches to the magnetic points on your new iPad 2. Will it hold? Remember how worried you were it wouldn’t stick to the fridge, and that worked out fine, right? And as soon as it’s attached, the Clock app fires up automatically. Cool!
The Clik Clok isn’t in production yet, and there’s no price set either, but Pensa describes the Clik Clok concept as “Ready for Kickstarter…” Luckily it also adds, “Hint…we are kidding.”
Still, ask nicely and I’m sure Pensa would make you one to go with your hat.
[Via Likecool]

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