Chillingo Announces Batch of Spring Game Releases

Today iOS gaming stalwart Chillingo announced a slew of new games that they’re calling their Spring releases. Like a fashion company announcing their latest seasonal collection, Chillingo has chosen to bring them all into the public eye at once. What’s surprising is that the release list looks like the same-old Chillingo we’ve seen for years. Even after the Electronic Arts buyout, it doesn’t seem like Chillingo’s direction has been changed very much.
Chillingo has a tendency to release a pretty steady ratio of heavily derivative games to experimental games. In this case they’ve revealed Spider Jack which seems to be almost a complete rehash of their own successful game Cut the Rope [iTunes Link], as well as Dream Track Nation which is heavily reminiscent of Jelly Car [iTunes Link]. There’s also Spoing which looks a lot like WireWay [iTunes Link].
However, with all of that comes the interesting and atmospheric (at least judging from the trailer) D.A.R.K. which looks to be a futuristic two dimensional shooter with likely horror elements. It’s not too much of a stretch to compare it to Dead Space, but regardless it looks very interesting.
Check out the videos for each newly announced title below.

Spider Jack

Dream Track Nation


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