Caught Playing with iPads at Work, Italian Lawmakers Bust Out More

Graffiti Press
After a recent photo essay showed a bunch of Italian lawmakers whiling away the hours in parliament by playing games on iPads, you might think they would become more discreet about using them. (Like the rest of us who have that fake spreadsheet at the ready should anyone interrupt our surreptitious gaming or shopping at work.)
Not so. Instead, it seems that it has become quite the fashion trend to flaunt your iPad in parliament.

Luciano Dussin (Eidon)
Leading daily Il Corriere della Sera ran another hefty photo gallery showing lawmakers playing games, shopping for luxury watches and sharing vacation pics. And one using the iPad to check out the parliamentarians spied using iPads.

Gaetano Pecorella (Photoviews)
Still, I’d like to see the time stamps on these photos to know whether they are simply entertaining themselves during the inevitable lulls or goofing off while they should be paying attention as they make unpopular changes to the legal system, possibly just to get Premier Silvio Berlusconi off the hot seat.

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