Camera+ hits 2 million sales / Revealing details about upgrade numbers and in-app purchase sales

a celebration
Fresh off the heals of the Camera+ 2.2 release including our killer feature,Clarity, I’m happy to announce that this weekend we’ve sold our 2 millionth copy of Camera+. This milestone by itself is pretty remarkable, but what makes it even more incredible is how fast we went from 1 million sales to this 2 million point… it happened in under 3 months.
To say the least, we’re all blown away by this. I recall, when the app was in development and things were beginning to come together, saying to the team the clichéd, “we’re going to sell a million of these!” I’ve been notorious for overestimating things in the past, but with the App Store, and especially with Camera+, things have gone the other way and my ballpark figures are almost always being shattered by reality… in the good way.
Here are the numbers for this round…
Camera+ Worldwide Weekly Sales
Number sold: 2,061,403
Net sales: $1,833,722
If we were to stay on the same weekly pace that we’re currently on (~160k sales per week), we’ll get to 3 million in only 1.5 months from now. But with the volatility of the App Store, our fortune could change in a heartbeat. The one thing you learn to count on as an iPhone app developer is not to count on future sales based on past performance.

Upgrade numbers

Something that’s really interesting is the rate in which people are upgrading Camera+. We’ve literally had over half our installed base update the app within 6 days. That’s over 1 million downloads in 6 short days…
Camera+ Daily Upgrades
Upgrades for version 2.2: 1,041,041
There are a lot of reports that say that many mobile apps that are downloaded are quickly discarded (this is especially true with free apps). But this data shows exactly the contrary in the case of Camera+. Sales are great and all, but it’s nice to know that people are actually using Camera+ and the steady increase in our rating over time, along with increased photo sharing activity via the app further confirm this.

In-app purchase sales figures

Even though many iPhone app developers have released sales figures for their apps, it’s very rare to see any data about in-app purchases. So I figured that some of you might be interested in the data that we have on that with Camera+.
“I ? Analog” effects packpurchasing the “I ? Analog” effects pack
When we released Camera+ 2, we added the “I ? Analog” effects pack as an in-app purchase for 99¢. While it provides some nice supplemental income, it ultimately is only purchased by around 5% of Camera+ purchasers on a given day. Here are the numbers…
I ? Analog” FX Pack Weekly Sales

Number sold: 98,169
Net sales: $68.267
Granted, we don’t aggressively push the effects pack very hard in the app, mainly because we’re very adamant about trying to provide the best possible user experience with all of our apps. Putting in a constant sales pitch for the pack would completely go against that goal.
So while almost $70k over roughly a 4.5 month period is absolutely nothing to sneeze at, it’s a relatively small amount compared to what Camera+ earns through sales of the app itself. Like I said… supplemental income. There are companies with free photography apps that are trying to have their business models revolve around selling effects via in-app purchases, but it’s very unlikely that this can be an effective business model.
That all being said, we get many, many requests for additional effects packs, so we’re working hard on bringing more quality ones to Camera+ in the future, along with many great improvements to the app overall. And speaking of which, be sure to drop by here tomorrow when we unveil some cool, new things related to the app…

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