Be a traffic cop with City Traffic HD – iPhone game review

Have you ever giving it a thought on how difficult and challenging is it for a traffic cop to control traffic on densely crowded signals? If not take responsibility of a cop and maintain traffic in your own way .City Traffic is a game where you have to regulate the flow of traffic on the signal and avoid vehicles from crashing.
The game features a a wide variety of vehicles coming from all 4 directions and each direction has 4 lanes (2 out and 2 in ) . The controls of the game are pretty simple, you just tap on any vehicle to stop it and tap again to let it go. Just like in real world , people get aggressive when they are halted for a longer duration , here vehicles will start moving if you halt them for more than 3 seconds which is too less for an actual signal but quite perfect for this challenging game .  Different vehicles have different speeds and reactions when you halt them, like a fire fighting vehicle may run away too quickly to stop it again.
City Traffic HD is not an easy go. This game is not just challenging but gets frustrating when vehicles blindly crash into each other and you find the goals too high to achieve.
The game comes with 4 different locations or say levels where you can test your skills, but you can only unlock higher levels once you achieve a target initial level. I felt the targets too high for anyone to achieve without mastering the levels.
You may sometimes tap on the wrong vehicle which could lead to an accident, due to the relatively small size of vehicles like bikes and the relative distance between them being too small.
The game has a short tutorial for each level having a different traffic flow. City Traffic allows you to share and challenge your friends with the high scores and achievements in the game through Game center. Graphics are decent and you can listen to various sound effects like horn, engine and crashes in the game which can also be toggled. Each time you lose a game you can have a look at the summary where you can see your score, average speed and play time.
City Traffic is a small, simple and extremely challenging game. If would really depend whether it is addictive or frustrating for you. But this is a game for anyone whether you are a serious gamer , a kid , or a parent playing for fun in your spare time .
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