Apple Restricting Employee Time Off In May With Approaching 10th Anniversary

apple-retailOnly in the Apple world do we get excited about Apple employees not receiving any time off, because more often than not, it usually means something big is on the way.  Tough gig, right?  Retail employees were reportedly told to not take any time off between May 20 and 22.  What could be on the way?  It does so happen that Apple retail stores will be celebrating their 10th anniversary.  Hmmm…

AppleInsider also learned that store managers were said to be “very excited” about those dates, but no other details were readily available.

Gary Allen with said that more than likely the use of the days would indeed commemorate a 10th anniversary event, celebrating Apple’s brick-and-mortar stores.  Apple may use the timeframe to “attract a crowd” for a few days, but no specifics were available.

While new Apple products are expected in the coming future, such as a refresh of the iMac lineup, but it would seem that iMacs with Sandy Bridge processors would not be enough for Apple to prevent employees from taking any PTO.

Given the reports of an iPhone release occurring later this year, May would certainly seem to be too soon of a release.  By comparison, Apple had twice blacked out dates for employee time off earlier this year: the launch of the Verizon iPhone 4 and the iPad 2.

What do you think readers?  Feel free to speculate below on what could come about!

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