Amazon: Kindle subscribers can read for free

The New York Times has raised a pay wall yesterday. From now on, you must choose between three subscription models ($15/$25/$35 every four weeks) to access online articles at As you know, everyone can read up to twenty articles each month for free and home delivery subscribers get to enjoy unlimited access to online articles on and via smartphone and tablet apps.
In addition to those deals, Amazon partnered with the paper and announced yesterday that subscribers to the Kindle version of The New York Times will get free and unrestricted access to all online articles at the site. Russ Grandinetti, Amazon’s VP of Kindle content:
Given The Times’ transition to a digital subscription model, we’re excited to be able to offer Kindle subscribers online access to all the digital content available at at no additional cost.
You’ll receive an email notice when the offer goes live. The New York Times is the bestselling newspaper in the Kindle Store, Amazon tells us. This interesting proposition was obviously conceived as another reason to buy the Kindle hardware. If last couple of week are an indication, Amazon sure knows how to keep themselves in the news.
First they made a splash by launching the Android Appstore for Android despite lawsuit from Apple over the use of App Store trademark, then turned heads with the new Test Drive feature that lets you sample Android apps in a browser and yesterday they beat Apple and Google with a cloud locker for music, movies and other document types.

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