Add calculator functionality to iOS search with QuickMath

QuickMath jailbreak

QuickMath is a new tweak that allows you to do simple math functions within iOS search. If you’re a Mac user you’re probably already use to this kind of functionality within Spotlight. I’ve definitely caught myself a time or two swiping to search on my iPhone to do a simple math problem and quickly realizing that I can’t.

Once you install QuickMath there is nothing to configure. Just swipe on over to search and type in your math problem. Hit search and the solution will show up in the search bar. It’s a bit quicker than searching or paging through for the Calculator app in my experience. Maybe this math tweak will be enough to make Leanna jump over to #TeamJailbreak?

QuickMath is available in Cydia for free.

[Free – Cydia Search Link]

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