5 Fun Games: A Warped Dating Game, A Bloody Family Affair, Magic Cards and More

Shades of Death Royal Blood game for Mac
Here’s this week’s selection by Mac Games and More featuring fun, casual games you can play into the weekend. The selection includes a cute, anime visual novel, a fun, fishy business, spooky family castles and more. Come back every Friday to check out the games. Have a good weekend.
Date WarpDate Warp (anime visual novel/romance adventure/pipe puzzle) – The developers who released the excellent Cute Knight, now brings you another game, a visual novel where you’ll decide the fate of Janet. After leaving her dorm room and going on a date one evening she disappears. This is where you come in. With all visual novels, you basically write the story, in a way, by choosing different paths at various moments in the game. There are 11 possible endings and you can try to unlock every one of them. Download it now 

Shades of Death Royal BloodShades of Death – Royal Blood (hidden objects) – How’d you like to wander around a dark, damp, cold castle? C’mon! It’s your family’s castle. Your sister, Violet, has asked you to come to the castle and help figure out what happened to your dad. His death happened under unusual circumstances and there’s a huge mess in the house. Wander the vast grounds and interior and solve challenging and mind-bending puzzles as you uncover the dark mystery and get to the bottom of the issue in this spooky hidden objects game. Download it now 

Alice Greenfingers 2Alice Greenfingers 2 (garden management) – If you hate games where you’re timed and it’s simply too stressful to handle, here’s something completely different as well as engaging. Alice Greenfingers 2 has you in the garden and like real gardening, the experience is relaxing and unhurried. You’ll have set goals for every level in the game, but you are not on the clock so the game will not move forward unless you want it to. Dig that! Download it now 

FishcoFishCo (sim) – FishCo is a challenging, sim game where gamers test their savvy running a company specializing in raising and breeding fish. The game starts out simple and slowly but surely you’ll have many more elements to handle and the game gets even better as you go, while you strive to create a successful and profitable aquarium business. Download it now 

Haunted Legends: The Queen of Spades Collector's EditionHaunted Legends: The Queen of Spades Collector’s Edition (hidden objects/adventure) – A series of murders have taken place at a haunted mansion and you’re sent to investigate it. The owner of the house was a countess who used a powerful set of magic playing cards, and now you must find every single one of the 52 cards. These are the clues that will help you solve the case. It’s not as easy as it sounds; there are traps set up by the countess, so wath out for those! Download it now

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