$169.99 to permanently unlock your iPhone?

CutYourSim is offering a remote service to permanently unlock any iPhone on any carrier for $169.99. And it’s legal too.
We are now able to offer the first permanent remote iPhone unlocking solution. It is very easy, and can be done with three simple steps.
Our turnaround time is typically anywhere from 2-5 days for the iPhone. It may be quicker, but please expect this time frame.
The solution we offer is a permanent solution. Jailbreaking, or unauthorized hacks are NOT required. This unlock will carry on forever, you can now update your phone to the newest version without worrying about waiting for an unauthorized unlock to be released.
The unlock will work with any iPhone version, and any baseband version, no need to worry about updating to the latest version anymore, your phone will be unlocked forever!!!!!
We offer great support, we will help you with the unlocking process with our outstanding support response time. Buy with confidence!
100% Guaranteed to Work! This method is 100% Guaranteed, and the only time we will offer a refund is if you provide video proof that the phone did not get permanetly unlocked with our method.
This does NOT affect your warranty status, because this is an official iPhone unlock.
Chronic from the iPhone Dev Team noted the following:
“it’s actually legit, they are somehow whitelisting the IMEIs, not totally sure how it works… iPhone is being repaired now so can’t test, but I know @CutYourSim is legit thru past dealings. I’m positive his unlock offerings are legit.”

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