Believe The Movie

Believe The Movie

In this mockumentary, Adam Pendon, a struggling laid-off steel mill worker, who
unwittingly rises to fame and fortune in the ranks of multi-level giant, Believe
Industries. Through Adam, enter the mysterious and hilarioius world of MLMs.

Release Date: 2007 Duration: 79 min
Cast: Jeff Olson, Graham Russell, Craig Clyde, Larry Bagby, Ann Bosler,
Britani Bateman, Lincoln Hoppe, Vanessa DeHart, Steven Wayne Anderson

Categories: Movies, Comedy, Indie, Mockumentary, Parody, Satire

Believe is a 2007 mockumentary/comedy about the world of Multi-Level Marketing.
This is the first movie by director Loki Mulholland, who is also credited for
the screenplay. Believe was produced by Russ Kendall and Micah Merrill of
Kaleidoscope Pictures

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